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📣 Welcome to the Persian Speaking Countries OutSystems User Group!

به صفحه کم کد نویسان فارسی زبان خوش اومدید! 📣

در این گروه کاربران ما سعی‌ داریم که کم کد کارانه فارسی زبان در سراسر دنیا رو دور هم جمع کنیم و دانشمون رو با هم دیگه به اشتراک بذاریم.

تمامی در همی‌‌ها به صورت آنلین/ هیبرید برگزار میشن و در نتیجه از سراسر دنیا میتونیم باهم در ارتباط باشیم.

به ما بپیوندید.

The Persian Speaking Countries OutSystems Community is a group of people, technical or not, that are interested in learning more about OutSystems and that meet to discuss best practices and how the technology is being used successfully in their organizations. It is open to OutSystems beginners and more experienced professionals.

If you would like to present a technical talk about OutSystems, or how OutSystems is used in your organization, please contact one of the organizers. In each User Group, we’ll have one or two technical talks on how to make the best out of the technology. These talks are led by the community so feel free to present your ideas in the next talks. The goal of the group is to learn, share, and meet other OutSystems developers 🚀

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Upcoming events


29 mai 2024

Online Event

OutSystems Roadtrip 1/5? کم کد چیست و از کجا شروع کنیم؟

در این جلسه از دورهمی فارسی زبانان، شما رو به دنیای نو آوری و خلاقانه کم کد می‌بریم. .با ما باشید برای معرفی‌ کم کد و هر آنچه که دربارهٔ شروع باید بدونید

Past events

Online Event

What is OutSystems? این پلتفرم چیست و چرا زندگی‌ من رو تغییر داد؟

Online Event

Second Persian Speaking User Group and this time online! You can join from all over the world!

In-person Event

Let's meet! First in-person Persian speaking user group in The Netherlands!


Neo was here

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