Become an OutSystems User Group Organizer


The OutSystems User Groups are led by incredible community members - people in the field every day, working with the technology and advocating the platform. The OutSystems Community team will always be a part of the organizing committee and we will support you as you run these events, and ensure they are promoted to the right audience, with the right voice. 


📋 Organizers Guidelines

To ensure that our events are a success, we created a set of guidelines. 


Leaders must be part of the OutSystems ecosystem

The OutSystems User Group organizers must have OutSystems experience, which confirms they know the platform. The organizers are participating as OutSystems community members and not as a representation of the company they work at.


Events should be managed through the official User Group page

The OutSystems User Group events should be created and managed on the respective local page. Third-party sites may be used for additional marketing, but not for event registration.


No Commercial Purposes

We are committed to providing a friendly and welcoming event for everyone. The OutSystems User Groups are not intended to promote services or brands. Therefore, it is mandatory to refrain from marketing specific entities and/or their work for commercial purposes.

Templates for presentations will be provided to ensure a neutral branding, sessions may be reviewed before the event itself to ensure these guidelines.

Partners and clients are welcome to share their experience on technical topics, best practices, use cases, and other relevant topics. However, sales pitches are not permitted.

The events will not happen in offices of clients and partners but in neutral spaces.


No Recruitment Activities

The OutSystems User Groups are solely focused on the sharing and learning of knowledge. We want to ensure we're providing a safe space where community members from different companies can get together to connect on OutSystems. Members that attend the events will be there as community members and not as their company's employees.

The CoC of the OutSystems User Groups states all the various non-accepted behavior in these events and recruitment is one of them. We encourage the attendees to report these kinds of behaviors and the leaders to be on top of the situation.


Not for profit

All User Groups are open to the community and are free of charge. Organizers cannot profit off attendance.


Groups must stay active

To create the sense and benefits of a community, we encourage the User Groups to happen quarterly. Should that not be possible, at a minimum, groups need to meet four times per year. If you haven’t hosted an event in more than three months, the OutSystems community team will be supporting you and empowering you to keep your group active and engaged.


Co-leaders are encouraged

We encourage organizers to team up and divide up responsibilities. If you know someone interested, let us know and we’ll set up an interview. Should you be interested in finding a co-leader, reach out to your local Community Manager who can help you find the right person.


Speakers from the Community

We push for the community to find and empower the best speakers in their ecosystem so local experts interested in presenting a session at a group are encouraged to come forward. If you want to be a speaker, apply here.

For special occasions, if needed, the Community team can help source OutSystems internal experts to discuss specific topics.


OutSystems Community Team Support

We will provide ongoing support and collaborate with the organizers as they run the groups, from the planning and operations to the promotion of the events. The organizers will be in constant contact with the local Community Manager that will be ready to assist any need.


Financial Costs

Sponsorships are not allowed. OutSystems will provide fees for the costs of events, according to region. These fees will cover the venue, catering, and any other primary needs of the event.