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Tue, May 21, 3:30 PM (UTC)


About this event

May 21st we all meet, to follow a great OS meetup, sharing insights and expand our knowledge.

Events agenda
17:30 – Doors open. Food & Drinks provided!
18:30 – The secret of successful IoT projects by Peter Hendrix
19:15 – short break
19:30 – Ultranarrowband technology & Machine2Machine Communication: posibilities & limitations by Joeri Jungschlager
20:15 – Laughing, networking and drinks until someone kicks us out!

Title talk
The secret of successful IoT projects

Abstract talk
“In the vast universe of internet, connectivity, software, Low-Code and devices, IoT is a rising star. Apart from all the pitfalls such as security, battery life and connectivity-challenges, there are great opportunities. Based on some practical projects, I will try to unveil some of the secrets on the road to success and how to overcome some (obvious) hurdles. Spoiler: it’s not about devices, but about people.”

Biography Peter Hendrix
“As director of sales and operations my technical skills are continuously combined with commercial elements. My daily work mainly consists of translating. Listening to people and translating human stories and questions into technical solutions for business results.
The operational part of my great job serves a double mission:
One: boost, energize and motivate the team so we can create the best and most creative solutions for our customers.
Two: build a bridge between operational challenges and opportunities of our customers and the technical solutions we can provide. Most important is making sure the requirements and wishes of our customers constantly align with what we are doing for them.
My career started as a junior software engineer and grew, via senior software engineer, systems architect, project lead and department manager, to my current job. Because of my technical skills combined with my natural social interest in people, their lives and goals, I feel comfortable in virtually all settings, whether my discussion partners are corporate decision makers or tech-savvy engineers.
Doing what I do, with people I do it with, for the people we do it for, motivates me in doing my job the best way I can.”

Title talk
Ultranarrowband technology & Machine2Machine Communication: posibilities & limitations

Abstract talk
I will explain the evolution of M2M communication, the perspective where IoT came in and what kind of posibilities and limitations we have had since the trend of IoT break lose. I will discuss use-cases, security and namely newer technologies like ultranarrowband. Sigfox, LoRaWAN and how radio phase emulation makes low power applications possible over the longer ranges and why to choice a certain technology. In perspective of coding I will talk about what possible languages to use where and why.

Biography Joeri Jungschlager
Joeri Jungschlager, is an Open Source Developer, Hacker & freelance-researcher from Rotterdam. With a focus on IoT ultra narrowband technologies and machine to machine communication. Since winning a sponsorship in the IOT / WT INNOVATION WORLD CUP 2017/18 he grew into his current role by his own interest in innovation and technology while he was also working in the creative industry next to a part-time job in Linux/OSS, web & embedded development/DevOps. Besides all this, he is also a writer/blogger for data security topics around operational technology & lifecycle management.



Tuesday, 21 May
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM (GMT+2)

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