Bringing the magic of the ONE Lisbon Developer Conference To London


In-person event


Nov 9, 2023, 6:00 – 9:15 PM


For the ones that didn't have the possibility to go to the ONE Conferences this year, we want to bring that magic and energy straight to you On this event will be recap what happen in ONE plus having a talk that was presented in ONE Lisbon!

About this event

Welcome to OutSystems User groups of London are going to be our first autumn event!

This event will bring to London what happens in ONE Lisbon with a recap done by Miguel Amado Developer Advocate at OutSystems telling all about the latest trends and what was ONE all about.

Miguel will take us through a brief overview of the ONE conferences. He will talk about his experience with the event, where the hot topics like Project Morpheus, AI, ODC, and the juicy sessions. Come and watch this inside perspective of the organization of the ONE Conferences.

Our technical talk will bring to you one of the talks done in ONE Lisbon that is all about Azure Cloud Services & OutSystems working together, presented by Joao Pereira our fellow OSUG of London organizer and Valter Cachinhama senior developer at Close Brothers.

As one of the leaders in the cloud computing market, Microsoft Azure offers a comprehensive set of services. However, this talk is going to focus on integrating OutSystems with the following ones: 

- Microsoft Blob Storage as a document management cloud service; 

- Azure Face Recognition on your OutSystems application to authenticate your users;

 - Azure QnA Maker inside of your application using the Answer model but without a knowledge base to extract information;

 - Azure Application Insights for monitoring real-time application performance metrics;

 For all these topics this session is going to show small demos and business use cases where we will use the services listed above to give the audience some real-life examples.

After we are going to have our usual food and networking

Hope to see you all there! 


  • Valter Cachinhama

    Close Brothers

    Senior Developer

  • Joao Pereira

    NTT Data UK

    Tech Lead

  • Miguel Amado


    Developer Advocate



Thursday, November 9, 2023
6:00 PM – 9:15 PM UTC


ONE Recap
Extending OutSystems applications capabilities using Azure Cloud Services
Food & Networking


  • João Martins Pereira

    NTT Data UK&I

    Tech Lead

  • Richard Tilbury

    Personal Group

    Director of Development

  • Carlos Lessa

    Fujitsu UK

    Architect - Tech Lead

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