What GDPR means to your OutSystems apps


Thu, May 24, 5:30 PM (UTC)


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On May 25, data privacy changes for everyone working with EU customers.

With GDPR, LED and ePrivacy coming into effect, you need to make sure that you understand your new obligations and also that your OutSystems applications are compliant.

Luckily, Paul Davies, Managing Director at Davies March, is here to shed some light on this.

Join us as we look at:

* Data Discovery – Finding and cataloguing all of the personal data held in your OutSystems application databases to allow you to service subject access requests, right to be forgotten, etc.
* Data Quality (GDPR Article 5) – meeting your obligation to keep the personal data you capture and hold up to date.
* Data Processing Mapping (GDPR Article 30) - How are people documenting OutSystems processing components
* Consent and Permission Management (GDPR, Eprivacy, LED, PSD2) – How are you capturing and managing consents and permissions in your applications and how are you synchronising across the other applications in your business? Given how hot this topic is at the moment with the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica dramas, we'll drill in on this with an integration with the Consentric platform.

There'll also be a GDPR Q&A session, along with networking, food and drink.



Thursday, 24 May
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM (GMT+1)

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