OutSystems Data Modeling

Sun, Jan 2, 2:00 PM (IST)

This event will get you introduced to Data Modeling in OutSystems. With this beginner session you will be able to know the basics on how to create a simple data model with entities and static entities, how you can create unique indexes in entities, and how to define delete rules for data stored in entities containing relationships.

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About this event

Join this OSUG Beginner Session to learn all you need to know about OutSystems Data Modelling.


Entities and Static Entities:

  • Entities, Static Entities Introduction
  • Primary Key
  • Sequential Attributes
  • Indexes
  • Demo on How to create Entities and Static Entities

Entity Relationships 

  • How to define a one-to-one relationship between data entities.
  • How to create one-to-many relationships between entities in OutSystems.
  • How to implement a many-to-many relationship using a junction table in OutSystems.

Delete Rules

  • Define the referential integrity behavior you wish to have in entity relationships.



Sunday, Jan 2
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM (IST)


  • Hathimary A

    Hathimary A


    Senior Software Consultant at Kyono

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  • Krishnnambal S

    Krishnnambal S


    Senior Software Engineer at Netlink

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