Data Model and OutSystems Capabilities for Database Management


In-person event


Aug 19, 2023, 7:30 – 9:30 AM


Discover the perfect blend of data modeling and OutSystems prowess in this exclusive event. Join us to explore how data modeling defines the backbone of organized data representation, and how OutSystems' cutting-edge capabilities elevate application development to new heights. Learn how to seamlessly integrate data models within OutSystems applications, fostering agility and user-friendly systems.

About this event

Calling all developers for an empowering event that revolves around you and your growth! Join us to unlock the true potential of data modeling with OutSystems. This is your chance to enhance your skills and elevate your career to new heights.

At this event, we will explore how data models define the logical representation of data, relationships, and constraints within databases. Witness how OutSystems' visual development environment expedites database creation, perfect for rapid application development. Learn how data modeling forms the foundation of organized data representation and how OutSystems' cutting-edge capabilities take your application development skills to the next level. Collaborate with industry experts, gain insights through real-time prototyping, and receive valuable feedback to refine your data models for utmost accuracy.

Collaborate with industry experts and discover how to seamlessly integrate data models within OutSystems applications, promoting agility and delivering feature-rich, user-friendly systems. Learn real-time prototyping and iterative development to refine data models based on user feedback, ensuring data accuracy and relevancy.

Explore OutSystems' built-in SQL and integration capabilities, connecting effortlessly to various databases, including cloud-based solutions, expanding scalability and adaptability. Experience firsthand how data validation and security features safeguard sensitive information, bolstering data governance and compliance.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to sharpen your expertise, foster agility in your development approach, and become a true OutSystems champion. Your career progression starts here! Secure your spot now and embrace the power of data modeling with OutSystems to excel in your developer journey. See you there!


  • Lakshmi Kumar Yadav


    Technical Lead

  • Deepsagar Dubey

    Collabera Digital Pvt Ltd

    Senior Software Engineer


  • Pramod Jain


    Head of Delivery APAC, Do it Lean


  • Shubham Tiwari

    Sr. Outsystems Developer



Saturday, August 19, 2023
7:30 AM – 9:30 AM UTC


Welcome & Introduction
Data Modeling Capabilities With OutSystems
Live Demo
Quiz Time
Event Wrap Up & Networking


  • Ashish Lonkar


    Technical Lead


  • Lakshmi Kumar Yadav

    DOITLEAN India Pvt. Ltd.


  • Pramod Jain


    India's Head of Delivery

  • Rajat Agrawal

    Outsystems Champion

  • Nidhi Bhatt


    Manager - Partner Alliance (MEA and APAC)

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