Introduction to Low-Code App Development


Thu, Sep 22, 10:00 AM (UTC)



About this event

If you're interested in learning new technical skills, join us at the Intro to low-code talk and see our experts building an app in front of you from scratch! You will also understand what OutSystems is, how to learn and find training that works for you, discover the career options with low code, and join our vibrant OutSystems Community.

What is the Intro to low-code talk?

This session is designed for those who want to learn more about low-code and OutSystems, and how they can learn it and leverage this skill in their tech career.

What will you experience?

It is a 90minutes technical session followed by some practical tips on what to do next and how to learn OutSystems and get certified. We will cover the basics of what low-code and OutSystems are, what it allows developers to build, and will demo a real app built from the scratch.

This talk is designed for anyone and there are no prerequisites.

Who will benefit from this experience?

  • Developers looking to learn a new skill
  • Students looking to enter the job market
  • Professors and Educators looking for new technologies to add to their curriculum
  • Anyone who wants to understand what low-code is and how can leverage this technology for their tech career


  • Priya Sharma


    Solution Architect